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oo lala [Jan. 16th, 2005|08:39 am]
Share your sex life with us!
So Friday night, I was sitting here surfing some free porn (still haven't figured out the usenet stuff). I showed my husband a movie of two people having anal sex. I showed him, making a comment that we need to do that. He laughed, and went back to his computer game. I was sitting here, wet. I moved to the couch, and in plain site, began masturbating. After he made no moves towards the couch, I went upstairs.. where I got out my 9" pink dildo, and some anal beads. I headed to the bedroom, when suddenly he was behind me. LOL

Let me tell you, once we got going, it was awesome. Amazing. We were in the missionary position- the first time having anal sex in that position. It was great. He fucked my ass while the dildo was inside me. It felt so damn good. I came 4 or 5 times.. basically, I just kept coming and coming. I would have kept coming, but he was dead from all the work, and I was either laughing or crying (a bit of both) from how good it felt. But wow. I can't wait to do that again!!

From: sassmouth
2005-01-16 07:50 pm (UTC)
LOL Well, he claims he's into most of what I'm into, but then he pretty much (a lot of the time) has to warm up to sex in general. He spends more time teasing me about getting busy then actually doing anything about it. LOL (Here's to hoping that he'll be up to a repeat of the other night very soon!)

;) I think if your wife actually tried it, she'd see how damn good it felt and would enjoy it. :) Not to pry, but has she ever put a finger or anything inside you? To stimulate the male g-spot? My husband REALLY enjoys that. In our kinkier moments, he's let me use our vibrator on him.. inside him.
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[User Picture]From: rush2112
2005-01-18 06:59 pm (UTC)
no, no ass play of any kind. I actually have no interest in anything going inside me, but I still want to try it with her. Hehe, is that wrong? :)
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From: sassmouth
2005-01-18 07:01 pm (UTC)
LOL no.. it doesn't surprise me. if you've never had it done, then why would you think you're missing out? ;)

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