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Sex last night [Jan. 16th, 2005|01:58 am]
Share your sex life with us!
Don't get to see my girlfriend much right now due to odd circumstances, however when we do Fun Happens

We're sitting on the couch talking, and I lean over to kiss her. We kiss for a bit, our tongues swirling together, and then pull back a little. A little tickling, and me trying to get situated to take her(partially playing around, partically wanting to lead somewhere). I'm sitting back up, and she stands up to get ready to go. I tell her to come to me, and get her to sit on my lap, stradling me. We kiss some more, and I'm nice to start out with. Then my hands start roaming, sliding along her back, down to her ass, feeling her press against me.
Then I start in on it, grinding my crotch against hers. I know she wants it, I can feel the desire, but she's trying to resist. I rub my dick against her groin, back and forth. She starts to pull away, but I don't let her go, instead pull her closer, and start to whisper to her. "MMM, feels sooo good doesn't it? Ah yeah, want my dick so deep in your hot wet pussy don't you?" She's bitting her lip and nodding, wanting it so bad but trying to resist so she can go home and get some sleep. I keep talking to her, "Sliding my dick deep inside of you, wanting it so deep in you, your wet pussy wrapping around my hard hard dick".
Finally she can't stand it anymore, and gets up to turn off the light and make sure the door is locked(since we are sitting in the living room). Coming back, I kiss her while sitting still, she leans down and starts to undo my pants. Finally the cloths all come off(pretty quickly too), and she straddles me again, but I don't let me enter her just yet. We cuddle up, kiss and rub, getting closer and closer to sliding inside of her, but not quite yet. Finally, my dick starts to slide inside of her, up and down she goes on my dick, deeper and deeper inside her pussy. My arms are tight around her, holding her against me as we go at it, kissing her neck and shoulder. She cums(I love women who are multiorgasmic), and continues riding me, while I continue to pump periodically from underneath. I almost get to the point of cumming, and hold off, slowing down, prolonging our exposure.
We get up, and she stands on the couch, legs spread, facing towards the back of the couch. Since she's pretty short(about 5'), and I'm pretty tall(about 6'3"), this isn't normally workable, but like this, I stand on my toes and enter deep inside of her. She leans forward, bending over almost, letting my dick hit her deep and towards the back. We continue, me loving the feeling of her wet pussy gripping me, her loving the feeling of my dick hitting her so deep, both of us getting close to cumming. She tells me she's about to cum, and I tell her I'm about to cum. She prolongs cumming until she feels me shooting my load deep inside of her, grunting in pleasure as she starts to cum with me. Both of us twitch, sliding back and forth, letting the after-pulses wash over us still coupled together. Finally we part, cuddle for a few, and she goes to get washed up while I bask in the glorious smells that I've been bathed in.
I can't remember how many times since last night I've cum just thinking about that bout of sex. Here's hoping for more sex tomorrow night :)


From: (Anonymous)
2005-03-20 04:11 am (UTC)


thats hawt
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